Overview of Actual Plays

A few weeks back I got a nice surprise: A Visit to San Sibilia was played in a episode of Friends at the Table.

I’ve collecting all actual plays of the game, and I thought I could share them here, so people can see all the awesome ways the game has been played. There’s podcasts, twitter threads, blog posts & video streams, so there’s bound to be a format you like!

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July 17th 2022 Matthew Gravelyn

Twitter thread play through. Cybil Hykke, a lonely engineer came to San Sibilia by chance. Lovely read!

June 26th 2022 Friends at the Table

Podcast. Starts at about 20 minutes. What’s cool is how they played the game as a mini-game within a larger campaign. Another nice detail is that is with a GM and a player, instead of a solo game, which works pretty well.

June 5th 2022, Instadeath Survivors Support Group

Twitter thread play through. Make sure to follow the Instadeath Survivors Support Group on Twitter if you like solo rpg actual plays. They’ve done a ton of cool games.

May 31st 2022 Myriad Mirror

Tumblr blog. Following the travels of a character created for a Wanderhome game to San Sibili. All entries were published in a Dracula Daily inspired realtime format.

April 1st 2022, Words Deferred

Blog post. An account of the Brooding Cartographer and her time in the city. Great stuff, loved the ending.

March 29nd 2022, Realm of Melpomene

Blog post. Augustus Guinn visits San Sibilia following the writings of a mysterious man named ‘von Emmingen’. Another great ending.

September 17th 2021, Chris Chinchilla - The Solo Adventurer

Youtube. Edited playthrough. Lovely one!

September 2nd 2021, Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Blog post. Actual play & review. A nice twist at the end of the stay of the intrepid cartographer. People keep nailing the endings on their playthroughs.

June 8th 2021, Sinopiasaur

Comment on itch. A melancholy poet comes to town. Will inspiration finally come to them?

June 7th 2021, Jon Spencer Reviews

Blog post. Actual Play & Review.

April 4th 2021, Hypertext corncer, emmy

Blog post. A lonely poet going by the name of Nemo. Emmy helped me out greatly by play testing the game for me. Be sure to check out the rest of their blog as well!

If you have played the game, I’d love to hear about your character and their story!

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