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psychedelic science-fantasy pointcrawl

Beyond the Sea of Glittering Sands lie the Chromatic Mountains. It's no paradise, but compared to the desolate, endless seas of sand, it's a lively place where at least a semblance of civilization can be found.

Beyond the Glittering Sands is an OSR/NSR pointcrawl micro-setting placed in the mountains bordering the seemingly endless Sea of Glittering Sands, a continent spanning desert. It is inspired by games like Vaults of Vaarn, The Electrum Archive and the micro settings of Highland Paranormal Society. 

This 13 page zine contains:

  • 6 locations
  • 5 factions
  • 5 NPCs & multiple creatures statted for Knave, easily adaptable to your system of choice.
  • 6 random tables to generate encounters, hooks & assorted stuff.


Writing & layout by Peter Eijk - MonsterMind.

This pointcrawl was made for the Weird Jam Satellite by emmy.

The background for the map, the hex images and the NPC art are all by Thomas Novosel, courtesy of their Patreon.

Location names curated from the Weird Spy Satellite (@WeirdSatellite) bot.


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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tagsmicrosetting, nsr, OSR, pointcrawl


Get this game and 2 more for $2.00 USD
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How many players is this game?

As a system agnostic setting supplement, it depends!

I’d say between 2 and 6 players (GM included), but it all up to individual preference of course.